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GLEASON CUTTER BODIES available for HYPOID and CONIFLEX GENERATORS, including HARDAC, RIDG-AC, WEDG-AC, ROUGHAC, HELIXFORM, straight bevel cutter bodies for MODELS 104 & 114 CONIFLEX (Request a Quote)

GLEASON DROP CAMS for MODELS 605, 606 & 607 see TOOLING section for complete listing of avaiable cams (Request a Quote)

GLEASON GENEVAS for MODELS 608, 609 & 610 see TOOLING section for complete listing of avaiable genevas (Request a Quote)

GLEASON INDEX PLATES for MODELS 605, 606, 607, 608, 609 & 610 see TOOLING section for complete listing of avaiable plates (Request a Quote)


GLEASON MODEL 642 G-PLETE HYPOID GEAR GENERATOR 13” Maximum Gear, 10:1 extreme ratio, 3.4 DP, Helical Motion, Ratio Control, Formate, Extended Cutter Tilt to 40 Degrees, chip conveyor, 1982 (30027) The MODEL 642 G-PLETE is an ideal substitute for jobs traditionally done on the Models 106/108 and, 116/118. It has more capacity than the 106/108 and slightly less than the 116/118, but has many more features, making it a more flexible machine and ideal for a job shop. It has the capability of completing small spiral bevel, Zerol bevel or Hypoid pinions and gears. This machine completes pinions and gears within the machine range in one 360 degree revolution of the blank, requiring only one set-up, one chucking and one cutter to produce a part. When completing, the Helixact system is used, which reduces tooling requirements. Additionally, this machine has increased cutter tilt and helical motion, to improve its versatility. Total cycle times can be as short as 4.5 seconds per tooth, including cutting, index and return roll of the cradle, depending on part size. (Request a Quote)

GLEASON SETTING GAUGES See TOOLING section for complete list of Setting GAUGES available (Request a Quote)